Occupational Therapy Intervention Resources

These files were previously available for purchase on CD and then by download, however they are now being offered for free. The 95 files are in alphabetical order by topic, and then title. There are three main types of forms included:

  • Hints for Therapists – these provide ideas for therapists when addressing a particular topic with a client or group of clients. They are intended as a starting point, and sometimes contain principles as well as ideas.
  • Handouts – these are information sheets that summarise a topic. You can print out a fresh copy each time.
  • Worksheets – these can be used with individuals or groups to explore a particular topic.

In addition, there is one form for evaluating a person’s participation during a group.

I hope that they make everyday occupational therapy assessment and intervention easier, and welcome any feedback you have, as well as any suggestions for additional resources.


Joyful Growth | Occupational Therapy Intervention Resources